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Собрание депутатов городского округа "Город Йошкар-Ола"

About city

Regional Government aims today at dymanic economic development, encouraging investments, common welfare and life quality improvement. Region is open for secure and eligible investments, its legislation on investments is one of the best in Russia, and government supports private investors in various ways.

It is notable that such international rating agencies as Fitch Ratings, Moody’s Investors Service, Moody’s Interfax mark considerably high business solvency of the region and its capacity for economic growth.

Kirov region has seen a significant increase in visits of foreign investors. More than eighty countries of the world are now partners of the region, among them are China, France, Germany, Poland and Finland. Regional enterprises cooperate with dozens of worldwide known companies such as TEKA, CANDY and others.

Dozens of large-scale investment projects are currently implemented in the region. They are important not only for the region itself but for the whole country as well. For example, we joined efforts with the neighboring Nizhny Novgorod region in constructing a cement works thus acquiring interregional status for the project.

This day in region where one of the biggest national haemotology and transfusion research facilities is located, the only Russian, CIS and East European blood preparation plant is being erected. The plant is intented to supply Russian hospitals and clinics with critical preparations such as immunoglobulin and albumin.

The regional Government is ready to cooperate with domestic and foreign investors for advanced development project implementation. Construction industry, biotechnology, agroindustry and mechanical engineering investments are the most promising for the region, development-wise.

We are most interested in vertical integration industries where our territory and our local resources would be used for production.

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